Infection prevention policy | Smittevernpolicy

We adapt to ongoing and developing recommendations and measures from the authorities.

To maintain sound and proper operations; the following applies at our location:

Bruk munnbind ved besøk hos oss

Facemask when needed

Please wear a facemask during periods ot high infection rate

Hold avstand i våre lokaler

Keep a distance

Please keep a minimum your distance to other customers and our staff.

Bruk munnbind ved besøk hos oss

Clean hands

Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are present.


Announce your arrival

Let us know before your arrive to pick up items as we may prepare your order.

Varelevering NTS

Delivery to us?

Hygienic and safe deliveries apprechiated. We sign with our own pen.

Respectfully, we ask for understanding that we

  • Currently don’t  shake your hand.
  • Keep more distance than usual.
  • Encourage to cough or sneeze in upper sleeve or paper tissue.
  • May be less staffed than usual

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Sem i Tønsberg

Norsk Tilhengersenter as avd Sem

Åshaugveien 62 B

3170 Sem

Tel. 21 69 05 90 | Kontaktskjema

Åpent 9-16 man til fre.

Vøyenenga i Bærum

Norsk Tilhengersenter as avd Vøyenenga

Borkenveien 4, Kirkerudbakken

1339 Vøyenenga

Tel. 21 69 05 90 | Kontaktskjema

Åpent 9-16 man til fre. Stengt uke 28-30.